Ground Stabilization & Vacuum Grouting

Ground Stabilization & Vacuum Grouting

Support of Excavation

Tunneling and Shaft Support of Excavation

Constellation Group LLC has utilized modern drilling techniques to access areas otherwise impossible to reach.   Guided Boring Machine (GBM) and Horizontally Directionally Drilled (HDD) techniques produce a targeted grouting regimen reaching areas previously unaccessible.  This includes under highways, railroad tracks and right-of-ways and buildings.

Shaft: Support of Excavation- Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

CGLLC has worked with numerous contractors to control groundwater during shaft excavation. By using sodium silicate or acrylamide grouts, substantial water influx was substantially reduced.

Vacuum Grouting- Repair of Post-Tensioned Structures

Constellation Group LLC has been on the forefront of Vacuum Grouting of Post-Tensioned Structures.   Guy Dickes is a former member of ASBI and provided training on grouting and Vacuum Grouting in this field.  CGLLC has developed electronic equipment to measure void size in tendons

Ground Stabilization Papers and Resources