Dam Seals

The Little Dutch Boy Of Large Concrete Dams

Dam Seals in North America

CGLLC has been involved with installing in-situ dam seals with Structural Preservation Systems, Inc. Columbia, MD, for over 25 years. Work has been performed for
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • New Brunswick Power, Canada
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bureau of Reclamation

Construction Consultant

These seals are installed for two primary reasons:

1.Retrofit a dam for failed waterstops:

  • Folsom Dam (Bureau of Reclamation), CA
  • Harry S. Truman Dam (USACE), MO
  • Apalachia Dam (TVA), TN
  • Big Bend, SD
  • Bagnell Dam, MO

2. For new expansion joints in dams experiencing alkali-aggregate reaction expansion problems. In these situations (TVA and Mactaquac) slots are cut into the dam to relieve internal pressure and seals are installed to control water infiltration.

  • TVA dams: Hiawassee, Chickamauga, Fontana
  • Mactaquac Dam (NB Power), Canada

Largest diameter seal installed is 14 inch at Mactaquac Generating Station, Fredericton, NB.

Longest seal is in Folsom Dam at 198 feet deep.

Hydroelectric Dam Joint Drying Out: Before and After

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