Solving Construction Issues from Design to Field

Constellation Group LLC, Guy Dickes, President,  is a specialized construction consulting firm with over 30 years in the grouting, geotechnical and structural repair industries. CGLLC works with its clients to develop and implement working solutions for their complex projects. Performing the functions of special project manager, CGLLC can oversee the complete project or provide specialized support- from design;  development; field implementation and final documentation. This may be Specialized Repair or Task (self-performing work previously performed by a subcontractor); or designing job-specific equipment.

CGLLC has been heavily involved with the underground electrical utility industry.  One aspect of this work is installing specialized thermal grout in long underground bores.  Over 19 successful grouting operations have been completed, the longest uncased bore over 2700 feet in Vancouver, BC; and 6131 feet (cased bore) in Orange Beach, AL.  Both these grouting projects established the world's records in their respective category.

Other grouting endeavours include geotechnical ground stabilization for tunneling and support of excavation; specialized grouting techniques for vacuum grouting of post-tensioned structures.

Taking the time to understand all of the parameters- from the engineering aspect, from the contractor, to the field personnel, CGLLC provides reliable, proven and effective project management and hands-on in-the-field support. As is usually the case in the construction industry,  immediate response is expected and  provided.

CGLLC has a strong background in the structural repair and geotechnical fields, and specialized field equipment. Constellation Group LLC works with an extensive network of engineers and designers to develop equipment for unusual construction requirements. CGLLC prides itself on responding to the needs of its clients with timely, reliable and field workable solutions. Developing field solutions is done with a close knit group of highly skilled field foremen and superintendent.

Constellation Group LLC is a task-directed organization. CGLLC gets in, performs the necessary work and is finished. CGLLC quickly develops a course of action, implement that action and get done. Clients are involved in the development process. CGLLC can get involved at the bid/development level or later to project manage one specialized task.

The range of projects CGLLC has recently been involved in shows this depth. Please contact Guy with your ideas or needs.

Constellation Group LLC, located in Baltimore,Maryland has no relationship with Constellation Energy.

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